Mum on the Run – the 12 days of Christmas and beyond!

This is the outfit that I wore for the last of my “12 days of Christmas” feature – Gap jumper dress, Gap striped top, Cos jeans, Jigsaw necklace and shoe boots.  Sorry that it’s late – I have been distracted the last two days by the return to school (for some) and clearing up our kitchen which has been flooded twice in two days. 

The first time it was the plumber who flooded the kitchen.  He was demonstrating that our shower wasn’t leaking.  However water came pouring through the ceiling, through a light and all over the floor in bucket loads.  Fab! 

Today the kitchen was flooded in four pints of milk courtesy of our three year old who knocked it off the worksurface as she expertly licked the bowl after we had made a cake.  The bottle promptly split in two on impact. The most distressing thing wasn’t that my purple Boden Uglies are now splattered in milk, nor that I found myself wearing crocs to clear the mess up but rather that I found the crocs rather comfortable.  No – it can’t be happening!

Anyway, before I swapped my biker boots for crocs, I was wearing jeans, a Gap cashmere roll neck and an Oasis cream leather jacket plus my Primark bag in preparation for a day of food shopping, cooking, washing and general jobs! Yippee!


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