Mum on the Run….has been long listed for a Marie Claire fashion blog award!

Apparently I am doing quite well with some of my New Year’s resolutions.  Our youngest commented today that I keep saying “yes” a lot.  So at least I have made progress in that regard.

However in other areas I am not doing so well.  Having not yet had a chance to shop for myself since the sales started (I know, how can that be?) I decide to have a quick scoot around the internet this morning to see what I could find and that’s where things started to go terribly wrong.

My whizz around Reiss, Whistles, Boden, Jigsaw, Warehouse and others left my metaphorical basket on its metaphorical knees under the weight of the items  in it – and our bank account somewhere else entirely! However my guilt was assuaged (yep, needed the dictionary for that one!) by the fact that, as referred to in a post many moons ago -“it doesn’t count until you decide to keep it.” So that’s all right then for a few days at least. 

Of course we all know that one should only buy “investment pieces” in the sale, and that is how these “bits and bobs” came to be in my shopping basket:

Reiss trench coat – £147 down from £295.  Now no one can argue that this isn’t a wardrobe staple can they?

Reiss cross body bag in one of the colours for next season, reduced from £195 to £55 and of course some dancing shoes! Also from Reiss and reduced from £159 to £63.  I think that I’ll let the bag off as a wardrobe staple but the shoes – possibly pushing it a little but I’ll reserve judgement until they arrive. 

And finally for this

evening this blazer from Boden which is now £49 instead of £195, in navy.

Having completed my purchases, I was thrilled to hear from Marie Claire that my blog has been long listed for the Marie Claire blog fashion award.  So, New Year’s resolutions aside, I was justified in popping these things into my basket.  The rest of the items,when they arrive, may feature in other posts as photographs, or as outfits, or indeed in London (and possibly Marie Claire itself) if the blog is short listed.  Now if that isn’t the best excuse I have ever had for shopping then I don’t know what is!

If you would like to vote for styleguile, please go to – thank you!


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