Mum on the Run – What to wear to your own party?!

The thing is, I have decided to have a party.  It’s probably not a wise thing to announce on a blog but I doubt that hordes of people are going to turn up and do something outrageous like, I don’t know, snap my orchids or blow out the White Company candles.  Plans are going well so far – really well.  I have five toblerones and six packets of Wotsits – the trouble is that I keep on eating the toblerone so I won’t even have much of that left by the time the party arrives but at least the Wotsits will be intact – I think. Not that anyone will want to eat them.  Apart from me that is.

So, what to wear?  Well I put on the invitation that everyone should be comfortable and that thermals and elasticated waists were permitted.  People might think that I am joking but I am deadly serious.  Another reason for liking the dress that I featured yesterday was that I can wear my thermals underneath it without anyone knowing.  I am currently sitting here in my sweat pants with an elasticated waist so comfort is important!

I decided that some “evening trousers” might be a good start and there are quite a few cropped jacquard pairs out there at the moment.  The first ones that I tried are these:

Asos trousers as featured in this month’s Red magazine.  I have to say that they weren’t all that they promised to be.  At £30 they were £20 less than as quoted in Red (not to say that Red got it wrong) which was a plus but the fabric was stiff and they are uber high waisted, which isn’t always necessarily that flattering or that comfortable.  They were also too short on me – finishing at an unflattering length.  So they are a no.

The second pair are:

This pair of black jaquard trousers from Jigsaw which have a flower jacquard print.  At £115 they are a tad on the expensive side but they are amazing and look lovely.  The flat front and side zip is very flattering….I can feel a dilemma coming on. 

The third pair are these ones from Zara which feature more of a leopard jacquard print.  At £25.99 they are a great price and are currently in my kitchen waiting for me to try them on. However the huge stew and endless pieces of toblerone are preventing me from doing anything this evening, other than slobbing on the settee in front of the TV – so that joy (or not) will have to wait until tomorrow.

I will report back tomorrow when I will have to make a decision – although if I decide on the Jigsaw ones, I will probably lie anyway.  The next dilemma will be the shoe one – and then the top one.  In fact I will probably run out of days to complete my outfit before the party so my track pants, complete with elasticated waist, and my thermal top will reign supreme.   Now, as to whether the thermal should be cream or black – oh crikey, I can feel another dileamma coming on!



  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    December 10, 2011 / 8:31 pm

    Ok so where is my invite? lol! Only joking BTW, great choices but not surprised the Asos ones weren't up to scratch.

  2. Beth
    December 11, 2011 / 6:17 pm

    That's interesting whatyou say about the Asos trousers. It's my first experience with them – I take it that your experiences haven't been too positive. I reckon that you could get a party going so you are more than welcome any time!

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