Mum on the Run – Ugg(lies)

Remember how a few days ago I featured the silver sparkly party shoes by the “shoe tree”?  Well, I have now reached the stage where the heels have been replaced by sheepskin boots – and oh how nice they feel! 

I find it somewhat ironic that one of the ugliest styles of footwear known to man are called Uggs. It’s a bit like the word Acrylic having the word “cry” in it.  It says it all really.  I have nothing against Uggs in principle and I totally get where people are coming from when they talk about how warm and comfortable they are but frankly, I wouldn’t be seen out in a pair.  (When I walk through the door however it’s a different matter!)

Anyway, the above aren’t Uggs at all – they are from mini Boden and even better they were in the sale.  The first pair which I bought last year for our daughter – on account of the fact that I wouldn’t want “mini boden” across the back of my ankle but which I then proceeded to wear on a regular basis – are now a little worn. The fact that they go up to a size 6 is great and I love the colour too.  Predictably the tan ones are sold out but they still have the blackberry and raspberry colours in stock.


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