Mum on the Run – The twelve days of Christmas – a bit of a Cos day!

I have found a brilliant way to get a new wardrobe for yourself – sort through your ironing pile.  It worked for me!  I reckon that I could do a whole week of posts based on what was lurking in the ironing cupboard.  The above Cos shirt dress was one such item.  In fact I knew that was there but I had totally forgotten about two pairs of trousers and a couple of tops that had been languishing there since I last ironed (circa 1995). 

The three muskerhounds and I went off to visit a school friend of mine this morning, which was followed by a trip to see my Mum.  All went well – no ornaments broken, no-one offended, no-one wet themselves or puked anywhere and strangely there was no fighting.  Yes, I behaved rather well today I thought.

Given that we were up and out by 8.30am I had to make a quick decision on what to wear.  I wasn’t sure whether the grey Cos jeans would really work with the navy shirt dress but in the end it was fine.  I put a striped Gap top underneath the shirt dress and a chunky Oasis cardi over the top together with a Reiss belt and the shoe boots – which have been my saviour (why does that word always remind me of Cliff Richard?) this holiday.

I quite like the shirt dress over trousers combo – it makes me feel kind of dressed up without feeling like I am wearing a dress – if that makes sense!  I love the way we women have all these psychological things going on in our heads in relation to clothes.


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