Mum on the Run – Pink Coats

I thought that it was jolly nice of Louis Vuitton to include pinks in their window displays.  In real life, the colours are much closer to my coat than they look.  I also thought that it was good of them to make sure that the shop was closed as I was passing – just so I couldn’t be tempted. 

I have a theory that people like to see bright colours on others, even if they would rather not wear them themselves.  A bright coat, shoes or bag will always elicit a chirpy comment – even if it is along the lines of “you know what they say about women who wear red shoes!”

This year I have had lots of people ask me where I got my pink coat from.  The reason that I say “this year” is because my coat must be at least 5 years old now – if not more – and it was from Benetton.

I have found some alternatives on the high street, should you be tempted to replace your black coat with  a pink one (go on, I dare you!  It goes with black, navy and grey and makes a nice change).

So, as for my chosen coats, they are all pink but all diffent in their styling ranging from a fairly smart work coat, to a very simple streamlined on trend shape, to a sweet 1960’s style coat.

The first one is from Jigsaw and costs £249, however, Jigsaw is holding a 10% sale on Thursday so if you do like it, you might want to wait until then.  Although it is double breasted, so in theory less suited to ladies with a fuller bust, the two rows of buttons are quite close together so it is actually more flattering than some designs and looks less like you have targets on your chest!

The second coat is from Jaeger Boutique – it is currently in the sale with 50% off and costs £199.  I quite like this design – it’s very simple, slightly cocoon shape so very up to date and slightly more casual than the Jigsaw one.

The third coat is from Oasis and costs £65 but look out for offers. It’s called “Dolly” which pefectly describes the shape – 60’s, girlie and very pretty.

I hope that I have sown the seeds…….

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