Mum on the Run – party trousers – a decision made!

And so I have made a decision on which trousers to wear to my party.  The Asos pair  were discounted immediately on account of their high waist, stiff material and the fact that they finished at a less than flattering length.

The decision was then between the Jigsaw ones at £115 with the flower jacquard print….

and the Zara ones at £25.99, with the leopard print jacquard (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!)

The composition of the two wasn’t dis-similar, although the Jigsaw ones are dry clean only and the Zara ones can be washed.  In terms of the print, both are very subtle as they are black on black.

There was a hole in the pocket of the Zara ones (not good) but they fitted really well and were even generous by Zara’s sizing. (I always check to see if items start at a size 6.  If so, the sizes tend to be true or on the generous side. If not, then the sizing can come up smaller.)

The Jigsaw ones clearly weren’t the same pair as the ones I had tried on earlier in the week – either that or I had put on half a stone in a few days, because they were very snug!

So anyway, the Zara ones won.  The price was great and they just have that added flexibility that I need at the moment both literally in that I can move in them more easily and also because I won’t mind if a small one heads to me at a vast rate of knots with sticky fingers as I  know that they can be stuffed in the washing machine. I still love Jigsaw all the same though!

I definitely think that there is room for a pair of printed trousers in my wardrobe – they just need to be subtle, which these are.  They are a good shape for lots of ladies – tailored but slim and unless you really need a wider leg to balance out your hips, they could be a winner!


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