Mum on the Run – outfits for the 12 days of Christmas

Now that my husband has finished at work, Christmas can really begin for us so I am going to do a feature, somewhat inspirationally (!) entitled, “the 12 days of Christmas”.  Each day I will show you what I am wearing over the Christmas period, to include outfits for trips to family, to friends and staying at home. 

Have you read those articles about how, if people aren’t really doing anything much at all, they make it all up to look as if they are uber busy or uber popular and post fake tweets and photos on facebook?  Well, there won’t be any of that going on – if we’re a Billy no mates family for a few days that’s fine by me!

Due to the unseasonally warm temperatures, the wardrobe possibilities have opened up a little, so it’s no longer all about thermal vests and the heaviest jumpers I can find.  I can even get away without wearing socks – steady on now!

So, today for our trip to see Arthur Christmas – (don’t I know how to show the family a good time) I have opted for skinny jeans, sparkly jumper and shoe boots with a spotty scarf.  I have taken account of the fact that we won’t have to walk too far, so heels can be worn.  Yippeee! You might notice that over the next 12 days the skinny jeans get replaced by slightly looser clothes!


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