Mum on the Run – A little bit of layering goes a long way

Don’t you remember how, as a child, the bread that you took to feed to the ducks was always so much more appetising than the bread that you had at home – however out of date it may have been? I was reminded of this today when we discovered the chief refuser of food (our youngest) happily sitting on the bench munching a slice of wholemeal bread (not mouldy, fortunately) whereas normally she would turn her nose up at it. It also amazed me how all three children were equally desperate to throw the first slice of bread to the ducks, despite their varying ages of 12, 10 and 3.

I had a major trauma today in that I couldn’t find my husband’s Christmas present.  There I was on the phone to John Lewis asking them to check that it hadn’t been left in the store etc etc and then, having raided all of my usual hiding spots, I had a flash of inspiration and found it in our son’s room. Really, I should have just rung my husband (chief snooper extraodinaire) at work and asked him where it was as no doubt he knows – but he was busy fearing for his safety at a court hearing so I decided to leave him be.

Anyway, as to the clothes for the day – it wasn’t cold outside so I thought that it would be nice to get away without a coat.  I layered up my black Jigsaw Jersey dress with a Gap snood and a chunky knit from Oasis and just added a turquoise belt and pink gloves for colour. Later on the ballet pumps were swapped for biker boots so I could keep up with the three musketeers when they were out on bikes and as for the belt – that got discarded somewhere around mid-day when the youngest decided to take it off and put it it round her neck.


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