Mum on the Run – Boxing Day outfit

I am not proud of it but today I had a fight with a three year old over a can of coke, putting dents in it in the process (the can that is, not the child). There we were, playing monopoly after lunch and my three year old nephew came and swiped my can from under my nose, ran off with it and started drinking it. I hot footed it to where he was where we wrestled over the can for a while before he gave up, looking at me in the process as if I was a complete and utter idiot.  On reflection I can’t say that I blame him.

So, given that we were visiting family and I knew that there was little chance of us making it out of the front door once we had arrived – although I did pack sensible shoes just in case – I thought that the silver party shoes deserved another airing -as did the party trousers.  I put them with a TopShop blouse, Boden cashmere cropped cardigan and a TopShop necklace.  I don’t really like the feel of the blouse against my skin and so what I do is layer a very thin cotton top from H&M underneath. It doesn’t add bulk but it does just make it feel that bit nicer and it means that I am more likely to wear it than otherwise.

I should just say thank you to the lady who let me know that she likes my PJ’s above any other outfit – I will remember that next time I am unsure of what to wear!



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