Mum on the Run – the 12 days of Christmas – Christmas Day!

At last! It’s here – Christmas Day. As I watch Top of the Pops I now feel quite Christmassy – unlike at 3.30am, 4.10am and 5.20am which is when our son came in to tell us that he couldn’t sleep.  Apparently the words “bugger” and “off” featured in my vocabulary – hardly full of Christmas spirit was I?!!

This was the dress that was bought to fulfill many functions this Christmas and it is doing its job well – fulfilling the criteria of being able to be layered (there’s a vest, slip and long sleeved top under this baby, which is necessary as I can’t get a cardi over the top due to the shape of the sleeves) and loosened. The print hides the things that I have already spilled down it and it is long enough for me to crawl around on the floor without scaring the nation. The photo below shows the sleeves off in all their Christmas glory!  The dress is from Great Plains and I put it with some black opaques and  Hobbs NW3 lace up shoes in purple.

There’s another outfit coming along later…..


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