Mum on the Run – the 12 days of Christmas: Christmas Eve outfit!

I started off the day with a run with friends – it was hard work but worth it and on the way home I nipped via M&S just to take a look at the queues (sadly, they weren’t very long) and to see whether they had any cookies to sample as by then I was in need of sustenance.  How scuzzy is that?

There were various possibilities for the day ahead including the cinema, dinner out and going round to see friends – so I wanted something to cover all eventualities.  At the moment I am opting for clothes that can be layered and/or loosened as necessary!  So, I wore a black metallic Jigsaw dress with a black Hobbs ’50’s style jumper underneath, M&S grape coloured tights, leopard belt, lots of cuffs/bracelets and shoe boots (again)!  The length of the dress is good for me and there is a fullness to the skirt which works well. 

Did any of you see the photo of SJP wearing bright blue tights last week?  They may look good on her but on the rest of us?  I am not so sure.  Anything that could possibly elicit comments of “your legs look like they belong to a budgie/frog” from one’s husband should probably stay on the shelf.  I do think that men have a certain objectivity about clothes which can be fairly spot on.  They don’t get caught up in the moment of what is “on trend” or “current”. They just say it as it is and sometimes they aren’t far wrong! (Of course at other times, they are way off the mark.)

Have a lovely Christmas Eve – how exciting!


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