Mum on the Run – The 12 Days of Christmas

So, anyway, after the trip to the cinema yesterday, it just so happened that I found myself in Birmingham with an hour to spare whilst our daughter and her friend did a bit of shopping. What a lucky break! I thought it only right that I check out the Reiss sale, which I did, thoroughly.  The one item that I really liked, and which I have had my eye on for a while was this fluffy feather gillet in oil blue (although I tried it on, I have to admit that I gave the hotpants a wide berth – see below).

Reiss Fluffy Fur

The fact that it is made out of turkey feathers was not lost on me.   Also, the fact that it had been hugely in demand because one of the girls from TOWIE had been seen in it put me off slightly.  Now I really don’t like to be judgmental, stereotypical etc but is that not enough to damage the street cred of any brand? It’s a bit like my husband wearing a Jack Wills hoodie – which he keeps threatening to do.  (Just watch those share prices tumble!) So it stayed on the hanger which was probably just as well because shortly afterwards I saw a lady with a very orange face wearing one.

Instead I headed to French Connection and bought the shirt which I am wearing above – which I really like but which is rather hidden by the thick jumper and trench coat which I was wearing in preparation for my trip to the high street in the rain.  So so far day 2 of “the 12 days of Christmas” has not been a great success but we are off out later so I hope to bring you something a little more interesting…..


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