Mum on the Run – the 12 days of Christmas: A Zara skirt and cable knit

I have never seen so many miserable looking men as I did this morning when I was in John Lewis.  I felt so sorry for them as they stood leaning against the racks trying to look interested as their wives held up yet another piece of clothing for them to look at, which to them looked exactly the same as all the other pieces they had already been shown (and quite possibly, as far as they were concerned, the same as the entire contents of her wardobe.)

Just so that you know, the John Lewis website is not up to speed with what is going on in store and some items which are discounted in store aren’t discounted online.  However, I found that if you call customer services, you can buy the item at the full price and they will immediately refund the difference.  A bit of a faff I know but it’s worth it if there’s something that you particularly like but which isn’t in store in your size.

Anyway, as to the outfit.  I haven’t worn a skirt for a while and the red shoes deserved a festive outing so I put them together and worked in some pinks and purples as well – none of which “matched” but given the neutral background it didn’t matter. Quite often my clients are nervous or reluctant to put things together which, in their eyes, don’t match and I encourage them to have a play around.  As long as the background is fairly simple – black/navy/grey/beige it’s good to mix the accent colours and frankly no-one notices anyway! Mixing it up a bit makes for a much more versatile wardrobe.


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