Mum on the Run – the 12 days of Christmas – a night out at a friend’s house

So what is it about Christmas that brings out the nesting instinct in women, similar to when we have our babies?  In that case it is more understandable that we want the house to be ship shape as it is quite possible that another five years will go by before we get back on top of the game.  But with Christmas.  Did I really need to handwash all my “woollies” (as my Grandma called them) in time for the BIG day, or polish all of my boots or wash all of the towels.  Nope. Not at all. But I did anyway.

Anyway, enough of that!  Last night we went round to our friends’ house for dinner.  Whilst I didn’t want to be too OTT I wanted to feel a bit more dressed up than just jeans.  So I opted for Topshop navy peg trousers, Oasis sparkly top, H&M fur coat, stella & Dot necklace and shoe boots (which I have recently dug out of hibernation and I am so glad that I have. They cost me £17 from F&F at Tesco a few years ago and are perfect for now)!


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