Mum on the Run – Time for a Party!

It was party time at our house last night.  A few girlfriends, some fizz and a lot of chatter! The Zara trousers had their first outing and they were – well, just black trousers really but given that the lighting represented a Hollister shop it wasn’t suprising that the jacquard leopard print remained hidden.  I really like the length and the fit and am looking forward to wearing them in daylight. I wore a Topshop top that I have had for a while as I couldn’t find anything else that I loved enough to spend money on it.  I also wore a new black sparkly belt from Coast.

These were the shoes that I wore for the evening.  I liked the style of them – they are a real change from the chunky high platforms that have dominated the shoe scene for a long time.  I haven’t worn heels this thin, or this pointed, for a long time, if ever in fact but the shoes were surprisingly comfortable (and very sparkly too)!  They are available from Dune and currently in the sale.  Below is a photo of the party scene, pre-guests!

  I feel that at last we are starting to get into the mood of Christmas.  Hope you are too!


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