Mum on the Run – A bright pink coat!

Ah bless her – the three year old has been put in charge of the camera again as the rest had gone off to school/work before us – this was the only shot that I could use as the rest were blurred.  I have this amazing ability to have my eyes shut on many photographs – the odds of it are meant to be minimal but I seem to manage it. Shame that I can’t beat the odds of winning the Euro millions – but then I wouldn’t be posting picture of me wearing a bright pink coat which I was going to give to a charity shop but which I decided to keep and now love.  No, instead I would be sunning myself on a yacht in a bikini and trust me, that would not be a pretty sight.

So instead, here I am on a cold November morning ready for another day in the shops.  I resorted to flat boots and skinny jeans but tried to lift it with an Oasis sparkly top, a piece of my Stella & Dot jewellery and a bright coat.  It all reflected rather nicely on my nose – currently a similar shade of pink to my coat as a result of a cold.

Boots and jeans Cos, Coat Benetton, Top Oasis, Necklace Stella & Dot

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