Mum on the Run – Fabulous totes!

As we all know, totes are huge (excuse the pun) this season and the Zara tote has had massive press coverage.  However I also love these totes from River Island – which I spotted this morning.  The purple and orange ones are great for lifting those darker winter colours.  There are great neutrals in the silver and gold and great colour combos in the green above (there are others too). 

At £60 ish they are a good price for a large leather bag and the practicality of having something that you can throw your possessions into and go, holds great appeal.  I love the orange one as it goes so well with navy (which I wear alot) and thanks to Victoria Beckham, there is going to be lots of navy and orange around next season.  My only tip – I would put a small cloth bag inside – such as a dust bag for shoes – to protect it and make transferring your belongings to a next bag much easier.  Enjoy!


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