Mum on the Run – the caped crusader

My husband was at a conference today so I wisely (!) headed into town with the three musketeers for a bit of Christmas shopping and a look around.  They each chose a decoration for the tree, behaved nicely in a cafe and I only lost two of them – pretty good going I thought. Each time the little one asked for something I suggested that she add it to the Christmas list that we would make on returning home. Hopefully she has forgotten the majority of the 325, 000 things she asked for or else it will be a very long list.

Having visted a friend in London earlier in the week who has the most immaculate house you could ever imagine, I have attacked our cupboards with gusto.  Virtually everything in the house is at risk of being disposed of.  Anyway, I came to sort out the 500 plus set of instructions for all manner of toys, electrical gadgets and appliances we have had over the years. I found that a not insignificant number of instructions belonged to items that have been stolen. I am tempted to put them in a plastic wallet, label them up and leave them in the shed for the next time that the thieves visit so that they can at least be certain that the lawn mower is working to the best of its ability and doesn’t need a service.

I also found a neat diagram of how to load the dishwasher properly. Having been asked by my husband whether I was any good at jigsaws as a child, on account of the fact that (he thinks) I can’t load the dishwasher properly, I am going to tape it to the front of the dishwasher and follow it closely – because obviously I have nothing better to do with my time.

So anyway, the outfit was just a bit of a chuck together really – Warehouse printed shirt, Boden coral jumper over the top, Warehouse skinny jeans, Clarks pumps  and Jigsaw cape. I preferred it later on when I swapped the jeans for wider ones and the shoes for my red shiny loafers. I felt a bit more “balanced” and the proportions were better.


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