Mum on the Run – the secret of stylish (and comfortable) flats….

Yesterday I was running two sessions at a day long workshop in Birmingham. In my first session I concentrated on smart/casual clothes, covering 10 key pieces for the season (plus accessories). For each of the 10 key pieces I offered a timeless classic and a couple of alternative more on trend pieces. I then had the fun of putting lots of outfits together – which is fun as they don’t always turn out how I had imagined! 

 In the afternoon I concentrated on evening wear and some tips for the ladies on how to dress themselves slim.  I had a great day and learnt so much from the other speakers, who covered personal life coaching and diet and nutrition.

 We will be doing some more workshops in January and I love them as I get to shop. Lots.  In fact I shopped with so much success this week that my credit card was eventually declined. Unlike most people, I love it when that happens as it means that it is time for me to go home.  It took a couple of days though (I did go home in between)!

Whilst I was at the workshop, one of the ladies came up to me and said “you need to blog more”. I was surprised that a) anybody actually read it in the first place and b)even if they did, that they wanted more.  So anyway, here I am. I have been a bit lazy on the blogging front of late so it was the kick up the bum that I needed.  I just wish my children would react so quickly when I asked them to do something – that way I wouldn’t end up unpacking a swimming bag that had sat festering somewhere for in excess of a week.

Anyway, when I arrived home, there was a box of shoes from M&S waiting for me.  Unlike most people, who like Saturday deliveries, I don’t appreciate them at all.  How am I meant to hide my purchases if they are delivered on a Saturday in broad daylight – received by my husband and three nosy children who want to know what is inside?

So anyway, the point of this post and of the ones over the next few days is to show you what flat shoes are around this season – and these are a flat patent brogue.  Now I know that they aren’t for everyone, and that they can be quite hard to wear if you don’t have the slimmest of ankles but there is no doubt that they are comfortable and smart.  If they are for you, they look great with cropped trousers, jeans, or with a dress, as an alternative to ballet pumps. Office does some styles with a bit more of a heel, if you prefer some extra height. 

I like these M&S ones because they are not quite so masculine as some of the styles and, being from M&S they come in half sizes.  Added to that at £45 they are a good price so if you are not sure whether they are something you are going to buy into in a big way, they are good for testing the water.  More to follow tomorrow…


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