Mum on the Run – A cable knit jumper

Having promised to get my act together and blog more I have actually failed miserably this week.  However I managed to get my son to take this photo of me today sporting my new cable knit jumper. 

As you probably all know, jumpers are huge this season.  They are everywhere and come in every colour and knit imaginable.  Those who are really in the know are sporting jumpers with dogs on them – but I think that I left those behind when I was 4.  It was my first day of school and whilst I wasn’t sporting a dog, I wore a navy jumper with a panda on the front.  (I wish my recall for all things in life was as good as it is for clothes.  Mostly I don’t even know which day of the week it is anymore.)

Anyhow, whether jumpers are “this season” or “in” I don’t really care because the main thing is that a good chunky one will keep you warm and for now at least, they are in plentiful supply.  To be ultra on trend I should have put it with a skirt but that’s just too try hard for the school holidays.  This one is from Warehouse and has a good wool content to it  (many don’t).  Cos also has a great jumper with a funnel neck and which has grey and yellow in it -sounds bizarre I know but I love it.  Topshop has one with an alsatian on it, Cath Kidston a Westie and Joules, ducks!

So, anyway, back to what I was meant to be doing this week – posts on flat shoes. Here are the second pair:

Loafers – you might have already been there before in the 90’s and now think “no way” but let me try and persuade you.  They are flat and comfortable, smart and a change from ballet flats.  They look great with jeans and slim cropped trousers and give a preppy feel.  If brogues aren’t for you, these might be. They too are from M&S and cost £45.  Not too bad if you aren’t sure whether you want to make a big financial commitment to them.  Jigsaw also has some nice ones.

Have a great weekend!


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