A revolutionary concept – the first global Personal Stylist Directory at istylista.com

So, the children are back at school and nicely into the swing of their various activities. I completed the 5k race that my husband entered me for without telling me (revenge will be sweet) and I have been a busy bee working on lots of new amazing work opportunities.

I haven’t posted many pictures recently, largely because I have been wearing skinny jeans virtually non-stop (even in this heat!) In fact, I am waiting for someone to ask me whether I actually own anything other than skinny jeans.

The reason for the lack of variety in my clothing of late is because I take the demon three year old to school on her scooter every day and I need to run to keep up with her as she whizzes of into the distance shouting “I love scootering, it makes me big and strong” (and leaves me exhausted) – which means flat boots, which means, for these particular boots at least, skinny jeans. However, this has to stop. I can’t live in the same pair of boots – oh no, that would never do. So really it can only mean one thing – more shoe shopping is in order. Yep, I like the sound of that (maybe that’s where the revenge will come in).

During the summer, when I was no quite so depleted in energy, I was lucky enough to make contact with the lovely Chantelle Znideric, who runs the fabulously successful online stylist service http://www.istylista.com/.  Chantelle set up iStylista.com with the funding that she received as a result of winning an award from the Federation of Image Consultants.  Her site has gone from strength to strength and I wanted to tell you all about the new feature that she has just launched on her website.

Chantelle has added to her site a Personal Stylist Directory. The Directory lists stylists not only in the UK but also all over the world. People visiting the site can use the Personal Stylist Directory to find out about the services that the individual stylists offer (including me), together with their experience. They can read testimonials from clients and see which awards the stylists have won. Anyone who is considering booking a session with one of the stylists gets a complimentary 15 minute skype or telephone session with them prior to making a booking. So, wherever you live, you can now take a look at the Personal Stylist Directory to see whether there is someone in your area who can assist you with your styling needs.  Not only that but you can find out all about them and have a free 15 minute chat before deciding whether to book them for a session.   

From a stylist’s perspective, there is the potential for unlimited business. Each stylist has a web page dedicated to their own business and there is the opportunity for the stylist to increase their exposure by writing articles for the iStylista blog.

 If you would like to find out more, either as someone who is interested in booking a session with a stylist, or as a stylist who would like to be listed on the directory, you can find the Personal Stylist Directory at http://www.istylista.com/stylists/

 Of the new Directory, Chantelle has said “as a stylist I appreciate all too well the challenges we face in setting up and growing a business in this exciting industry and therefore I wanted to create something that helped other stylists on multiple levels. We heavily researched the challenges faced by many existing stylists and then built the directory and all its functionality from there. The real advantage to our stylists however is that iStylista.com continues to attract a huge global audience each and every month – meaning an already established level of presence and loyalty”.


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