Mum on the Run – a tunic dress

I haven’t posted much recently, largely because it’s been that in between stage – too cold for summer dresses, too warm for winter clothes and I need the children to go back to school before I get chance to sort my wardrobe out.  So really, if I am honest, I have been wearing jeans a lot.

Today we went to the hills on the outside of the City for a walk. At one stage my husband carried my bag, whilst I carried the little one up a hill. He asked how he looked carrying my Kiera Knightly bag.  Ah bless. I felt that it would have been unfair had I not told him that the bag was by Orla Kiely, not

 Kiera Knightly.  That came hot on the heels of our son asking whether the skirt being worn by our youngest was “a bandage or a pencil skirt” (it was A-line) but the boys are clearly catching on in this house!

Anyway, our walk was enjoyable, so much so that at any moment I expected Jo Frost, she of Supernanny fame, to appear with her cameras and a narrative saying “the Goodrham family have taken my advice and are now having day trips out and interracting with their children in an effort to improve their parenting skills and improve their children’s swearing and general bad behaviour.” I can’t say that I would have been shocked.

We subsequently went to listen to songs and stories by a ranger kind of guy.  He sang a song about eating, and then vomitting, up a bumble bee. Lovely. This was closely followed by a story, the moral of which was, if you are told to keep a secret, then you must do so, irrespective of everything else. The instincts gained from my previous profession kicked in and I thought “great, all the paedophiles are going to love him.”  Bad I know, but there we go.  

Anyway, to the outfit, I have dug out my Gap tunic dress (tunics are going to be HUGE this season) which  I put with my green skinny jeans. It will be versatile in the months to come, I am sure. As to the jeans, I felt much happier having my thighs covered up and I must admit that I felt a little less frog like! The outfit would have looked slightly more finished with my navy and white striped scarf .  However, I am in the process of washing all of my scarves, together with my silk things and knitwear -whilst I can still stick them all on the line to dry.  Next week I will hit the shops again.  Yipppeee! 


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  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    September 4, 2011 / 7:27 am

    Great choice, as I was reading I thought "Tunics will be huge this season" then you said it! Looks great though x

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