Mum on the Run – teal skinnies

I gulped as my husband uttered those famous words this morning – “are those new jeans?”  The gulp wasn’t because he would mind but rather because he noticed!   Fortunately he didn’t notice the boots though or else the gulp might have been for the other reason.  It’s amazing how far one’s birthday money can go isn’t it?

Anyway, I have several events lined up in the next few weeks so this week I have had to do some shopping for them and along with buying things for the event came one or two purchases for my own wardrobe – these teal skinny jeans from Warehouse being one of them.  I love the colour – it’s different and very this season, without being too far away from the norm as to make me feel conspicuous.  They are mega comfortable as they have a high rise – which means that when I bend down, they don’t head south!  One thing though – they do give so you need to buy them as snug a fit as possible to start off with.  I put them with my new Chelsea boots and a striped top for our trip out.  Stripes are a bit last season really but I love them and always will – and anyway I haven’t had time to replace them with spots yet!

Jeans  -Warehouse, Boots Cos, Cardi and top Gap, Bag Mulberry


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