Mum on the Run – a high waisted A-line skirt

Do you remember the song by the Lotus Eaters – The First Picture of You?  The chorus goes “the first picture of you, the first picture of summer, seeing the flowers scream their joy…” Well I fear that rather than this being the first picture of summer, it is probably the last picture of summer.  And I’m less than convinced that my flowers look as if they are screaming with joy.  Mind you, it is one more picture of summer than I was anticpating.  I had actually put all of my summer clothes/shoes etc away but in the heat of the day I painted my nails, sprayed on a bit of fake tan, dug out the sandals and off I went.

My husband has just looked at this picture and commented that he liked the skirt.  I think that his words were “that’s actually a nice skirt.  It’s high waisted and shows that you are slim.  That’s what you need rather than those ones that sit on your hips.  Can I be your apprentice?”  Watch out Gok, your style crown is about to be stolen!

So anyway, the skirt is actually winter stock from  Cos.  It’s a heavy cotton though, so OK for this time of year and also for when it is cooler.  As we all know, A line skirts do a great job of skimming over the hips and this is no exception.  I like the fact that you can take a decent stride in it! 

The top is a Ted Baker one that I bought in the sale in the summer.  I’m pleased that I’ve found something to put it with as it’s a bit tricky to style.  The Dune sandals are still going strong but are about to go into hibernation for the winter.


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