Mum on the Run – Festival outfit

 I don’t tend to post pictures of our children or really mention anything other than their bad habits (of which there are many) but I made an exception for this photo of our youngest playing air guitar at a festival on Sunday – just because it made me laugh.

It also leads me into my festival outfit, which consisted of a couple of new bits – the sparkly jumper from Warehouse and the grey skinny jeans from Cos plus some biker boots and a Longchamp bag which I already had. I left the spotty wellies/shorts/denim shirt/sunglasses look to our twelve year old, who is much better anatomically designed for it than I am i.e. she doesn’t have my legs! The pink jewelled purse around my neck was courtesy of our three year old – I think that she thought I might get lost so it had 10p in it in case I neede to make a phone call.

 Unfortunately I think that the jeans and sparkly jumper may be featuring a lot because they are so comfortable.  The sparkly jumper scoops down at the back so does a good job of bottom hiding – always good in my book.  It also comes in gold and navy.  Using a £10 voucher from Style Magazine this month, combined with their 20% off day meant that it would have been rude to have left it in the shop.  The jeans are oh so comfortable, nice and high, lots of support and a change from blue or black.  I also bought….wait for it….some Chelsea boots to wear with them.  I remember owning a pair in the early 90’s when I worked in London and I never thought that I would own a pair again but they are fab!  Great with skinnies, flat and practical and they just liven everything up a little.  Speaking of London, I have an invitation to an event at LFW so I am very excited.  Not sure what I am going to do with the children that day though – haven’t really thought that one through – Mum, are you reading this?!!! 


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