Mum on the Run – Where’s Woolworth’s when you need it?

Is it just me or do the rest of you with children find that you spend half of the holidays giving them an MOT?  This is our list so far:

  1. opticians;
  2. immunisations;
  3. school shoes (and we still have trainers to get);
  4. school outfitters;
  5. dentist;
  6. haircuts

and there are still school bags and sports bags to buy, labels to sew on, out of stock school trousers to find, trainers for one and then we will nearly be there – other than the wellies for the youngest. 

Since when did wellies get so expensive?  I remember wellies used to be the cheapest of the cheap when it came to shoes – not any more.  Do you want stripes, spots, flowers or hunter lookalikes?  No, I just want some good old red wellies – nothing flash and just like the ones you used to be able to get from Woolies.  Anyway, much to her disgust, our three year old has pirate wellies for school.  Well, I figure that they will only stay in her pump bag and they were a bargain at £5 so as far I was concerned it was a done deal.  Now that her brother has found his new passion for clothes, pirate wellies it is for her.

I would post a photo today except that, because I was painting the front door and putting a new net on the trampoline, I needed something trash proof – so out came the crocs.  I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  I haven’t worn them since I was pregnant with number 3 but I have to say they were very comfortable – and very chic when put with my towelling shorts and a vest.  I told our eldest that however much she begged me to borrow my chic outfit it wasn’t going to happen.  Her wry smile said it all – “Mother, you’re not funny but you are an idiot.”


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