Mum on the Run – A printed tunic dress

I love Tuesdays and it’s solely down to the fact that two lovely people come into our house and clean it for us – and for a few hours at least, the house is perfect.  No crumbs, clean bedding, it smells fresh and the stainless steel shines. So why is it that it is on Tuesdays, and Tuesdays only, that our children seem to drop things on our lovely clean floors (or in the case of our three year old have a little mishap and then walk soggy socks all through the downstairs to come and find me to tell me)?  Spotting the wet footprints on the floors and then diving at them with a cloth to wipe them up is not a good look – but I will do whatever to preserve the clean house for as long as I can. I’m not sure why that is really, maybe it’s because when the house is clean I can at least pretend that I am a Domestic Goddess!

Today I had a couple of extra little ones for the afternoon as my friend was poorly.  Luckily Mum was here to lend a hand and at one point they were sitting around the dinner table singing “Doe a Deer a Female Deer…”  The windows were open and I thought that from the outside our house would sound like the Sound of Music.  Which is better when I am here on my own and the children are fighting as it then sounds like the Hammer House of Horrors.

So, our daughter has requested that I point out that this dress that I am wearing is one of her favourites.  The print, which is concentrated in the middle of it, is good for drawing the eye inwards. It also skims without hugging the hips, has a slashed neckline and a nipped in waist, all of which are good for pear shaped ladies.

The summer holidays become limiting clotheswise after this many weeks so I decided to put this printed dress over my jeans.  It’s just a bit too short for me to get away with on its own.  It was quite nice to feel a bit dressed up but still casual enough to go to a delightful soft play area without feeling OTT.

Jeans Gap, Dress Warehouse, Shoes Dune


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  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    August 24, 2011 / 4:02 pm

    Nice, not sure I would want the eye drawn to my tummy though!

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