Mum on the Run – “One day”

My husband has generously agreed to go and see “One Day” with me tonight, which is very good of him because I don’t suppose that it is really his cup of tea. Even more generously, he has offered to buy me a bag of popcorn – aren’t I the lucky one?!  He has given himself a bit of a pre-med in the form of a few glasses of wine so hopefully it will act as an anaesthetic and he won’t realise how terrible the film is (if it is – which according to the Guardian critic it is.)  However, my friend and I decided that it probably isn’t the kind of film that a Guardian critic would like, so we weren’t surprised that they said it was pants.

So, having done a bit of my Tracy Anderson dvd (accompanied by our three year old who transformed the standing abs workout into a naked pole-dance) I had a wash and a brush up and decided on my comfortable peg trousers, sparkly T and flat sandals.  My brighter turquoise skinny belt would look better but I think it’s somewhere in the car.  However, most importantly, I should be able to slouch and scoff with comfort in the cinema!

Trousers M&S, sequin T Topshop, Sandals Dune


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