Mum on the Run – A lace skirt styled for a casual feel

Today we visited family and then spent the rest of the day at home, playing games, cooking, doing general jobs and finishing the chocolate cake that we made yesterday.  I must confess, we didn’t find the last task too arduous.

I don’t generally wear lots of skirts but this lace one from Mango is really comfortable.  It has a slight stretch to it and is pretty yet practical, with the lining finishing above the hem of the skirt, showing the lace off.   Given that it is lace, it can be dressed up or down, so I did a bit of both really – dressed it down with the Jigsaw striped top but added sparkly Dune sandals. It was quite nice to wear a skirt for a change.

I have seen that Mango has a similar skirt this season but in red.  As there’s going to be huge amounts of red around for A/W ’11 it might prove to be a good investment.


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