Mum on the Run – escaping for an evening!

Last night I was working and I have to say, it was quite nice to escape for a while.  Not that things haven’t been calm here for once – astonishingly they have. I keep finding the eldest two plotting by the computer, furtively flicking through magazines and generally doing something other than arguing.

Anyway, the fact that I was working meant that I was forced to do some ironing and generally sort myself out, so it wasn’t a bad thing.  I opted for simple head to toe navy in modern shapes and accessorised with my new Hobbs necklace.

I then found out what was going on with the rioters.  Our eldest (12) had taken control of her brother’s (9) wardrobe and she was giving him a make-over.  This resulted in a shopping trip today but I have to say she has done a great job.  No longer could she stand him looking “like a nerd” – and now that he is going into year 5 she thought that he ought to have something decent to wear on non-uniform day.

So, out have gone the too short cords, Clarks trainers and Ben 10 T-shirts and they have been replaced by straight jeans, converse, long sleeve grandad style tops, checked shirts, a padded gilet and a messenger bag  (For those of you who know him, don’t fall over in shock!)  When we returned she showed him how to put the outfits together and photographed him so that he has a reference point for the future.  So funny! I have to say, it’s almost worth me giving up my clothing allowance just to buy the peace.  Actually, there’s no doubt about it – it is worth it.  I consider it a small price to pay for my sanity.  Looks like my wardrobe might suffer over the next few months!

Outfit – Cos top, navy M&S peg legs, Zara shoes, Mulberry bag, Hobbs necklace.



  1. Looking Fab in your forties
    August 20, 2011 / 8:38 am

    She is obviously going to follow in her Mums footsteps lol xx

  2. Anonymous
    August 20, 2011 / 7:58 pm

    I think that she is looking for her next victim. Boys of Birmingham watch out!

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