Mum on the Run – A bit of a frill

We have been away for a few days so today was one of those catching up kind of days.  I started by doing a bit of a Tracy Anderson work out, which my son witnessed and which caused utter hysterics – which is good really as it made up for the lack of a smile on her face.

By the time I got showered I had lost the will a bit so I really just grabbed what was comfortable and would be cool enough if it got warmer later on (failed there though – the jeans were boiling – obviously!)   I have to say that these are good jeans though – they are from Topshop and fit really well. The rise is fairly good, as is the colour and they come in different leg lengths. They are called Jessie.  The pink vest is from Boden – a pain to iron but nice to wear.  I layered another vest underneath for some additional coverage and resorted to the default footwear of converse.

Later in the day we made THIS –  yum yum!  Naturally I had to test the first piece! 


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