Mum on the Run – A day at home

Just an easy day at home today, hence the jeans, converse and H&M cotton top – the colour of which isn’t great on me but I would usually layer something else underneath.  For once though, it was warm enough not to. The only thing that I added was a leather cuff.  Temperature wise it was great, however the jeans reminded me that there’s not too much spare room for more chocolate cake!

Our two eldest are being home educated at the moment – they have to earn their TV time by reading some of Alan Sugar’s autobiography.  I figured that they would learn a lot and as it transpires they have.  I heard them sniggering about the swear words that they had read – which includes “the f-word, two p-words (pi** and pric*) the b-word (b*******)” and more besides, and that was just the first chapter.  Excellent.  I think that they well and truly got one over on me.  


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