Mum on the Run -What (not) to wear on a chilly day out!

For obvious reasons, I wasn’t going to post a picture today but then when I saw this pink bench I just had to take advantange of it, even if it did mean revealing a not particularly inspiring outfit to the world! 

We decided to go on a family day out today and, having been out for a run this morning, I knew that it was very autumnal outside. So, having given my outfit all of 30 seconds thought, on went the biker boots, jeans, striped dress and warmer coat.  We packed our picnic of home made soup and home made bread rolls into the Cath Kidston bag and headed off merrily on our way for a famous five trip out.  (More like fighting five, especially in the case of the eldest two, but there we go!)

About 10 minutes after this was taken our youngest had an accident with her soup which left my boots, jeans and dress covered in it.  I won’t go into details but it looked as though something other than soup had been thrown down me.  Lovely. 

Unless the weather gets itself in gear I can feel a trip to town coming on to stock up on warm layers.  If that’s not a good excuse for a shop then I don’t know what is!


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