Mum on the Run – A sunny Saturday

I love Saturdays. When I wake up there’s an expectation that the sun will be shining, that (somehow) peace and serenity will settle on the house and that we will live a day of harmony – oh, and that a perfect tapas style lunch will appear which we will all sit down and eat together. 

I have a feeling that we may get part of the way there today.  Our eldest is away and as much as we love her (and her highly amusing school report), she does have an amazing capacity to wind her brother up.  We have now reached the stage that the fighting between those two is so legendary that our youngest, who is starting school in September, has asked me “When I get home from school, do I have to have a fight?”

The only thing that makes me wonder whether I am aiming a little too high is the theory that my husband put to the test last night, which went like this:

  • Juice based cocktails don’t make you drunk, because they have juice in them;
  • Juice based cocktails are good for colds – because they have juice in them;

Yep, you can guess what he was drinking last night.  Given that he didn’t get up until mid-day today, I wonder whether he was wrong.  I couldn’t possibly comment whether it was a cold or a hangover which kept him in bed for so long but my loyalty to him would have to say that it was a cold (together with the fact that he might read this at some stage and get grumpy if I insinuated that he had a hangover).

So, the outfit was simple, a Ted Baker cream top and navy trousers together with the sparkly flats.  It got a bit hot later on when I was playing table tennis so I swapped it all for a dress but that’s another story.

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