Mum on the Run – A Sunday at home

Today we were up to the usual family chores – ironing, tidying, chopping the tangles out of the hair of our three year old (she now has a bit of a combover at the back but it works fine) and cooking lunch from Jamie’s 30 minutes cookbook. OK, so the meals may take 30 minutes to cook but it takes about three and  half hours to tidy up afterwards.  I think that I may soon be reverting to my one pot cookbook – it’s stew or soups for us now until the end of the year.

As for the outfit, this black linen dress is great for days around the house.  It’s fairly childproof and has a decent length on it so I can go on the trampoline without giving the neighbours a shock.  I had to go out in the afternon to pick our son up from a party so put my gold wedges on for that but I also wore it with flip flops when I was at home.  Well, more accurately our daughter’s flip flops.  I mugged her when she returned from her camping trip and pinched them off her as her Cath Kidston ones are much nicer than any that I own.  Surely that can’t be right.

Outfit – Dress French Connection, Shoes Dune, Bag Orla Kiely



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