Mum on the Run – more like Mum on the Sprint!

Crikey, what a day.  It’s warm, which is great and I was working with a lovely lady today.  Then it was home and time for ballet, school run etc. I was really hot when I came home and had five minutes to change before going out so I went for the safe summer formula of white (dress), tan (belt) and gold (shoes). 

Unfortunately the dress was more see through than I realised when I bought it, so on my way out I grabbed a long vest to stop me from being indecent.  Unfortunately it spoiled the neck line of the dress a bit but that’s what Mum on the Run is all about – not always having the time to get it exactly right but doing the best we can with the time available.  By the time this photo was taken the stack of bangles had come off and a couple of other accessories were lost somewhere along the way.  Mind you by that stage I was past caring – a cup of milk had been chucked across the kitchen (accidentally) and our son had looked at the dinner that I had cooked and said “why on earth did you think that I would like that?”  And the summer holidays haven’t even started yet! 

Dress – French Connection, Shoes Dune.


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