Mum on the Run – In a 500byGucci!

Do you remember how, in the early 1990’s, everyone aspired towards owning a Gucci belt or a pair of Gucci loafers.  Remember the LBD that Posh Spice wore which everyone assumed was Gucci (in fact, it was Topshop)?  Well, now there’s a new kid on the block.  To celebrate both the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and Gucci’s 90th anniversary, Fiat and Gucci have collaborated to create the 500byGucci – a stylish, simple and sophisticated car, which is unsurprising really given that it was customised by Frida Giannini, the Creative Director of Gucci.

Now, I am married to someone who is utterly and completely obsessed by cars.  I have spent many an hour having “Car Chats” and my knowledge of cars is really far greater than it should be.  So, here’s the technical info.  The Italian car comes with two engines, a 1.2 litre and the award winning 0.9 litre Twin Air.  They are priced at £14,565 and £15,765 respectively.  Best of all, you can even order the car online.  All you have to do is pay a deposit, order it from the factory, track the car’s progress and make a final payment.  The car can even be delivered especially to your home.  It’s as simple as ordering a pair of shoes – Gucci, naturally. 

So, now to the aesthetics.  The 500byGucci comes in both black and white, each benefiting from glossy pearl glass paint.  The black version comes with chrome detailing, whilst the interior contrasts sharp black and white for a contemporary feel.  The white version comes with satin chrome detailing, whilst the interior is ivory black giving it a softer, sophisticated look.  Both showcase Gucci’s distinctive colours and iconic branding.


I think that it is fair to say that some pairings in life work – Fish & Chips, Wills & Kate, James Bond and Moneypenny – others however aren’t so successful – the Montagues and Capulets, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, Cheryl Cole and American X-Factor. 

The collaboration between Fiat and Gucci however has success written all over it.  There are lots of families who run two cars, one large one and one smaller one as a run around.  The 500byGucci definitely appeals to me in that regard.  OK so the children won’t be able to play a double base or a tuba but that really doesn’t create a problem in my mind.  Not even a small one.  In the words of Elena Bernadellli, marketing director for Fiat Group UK “it will also appeal to those fashionista customers who want to have a unique car to distinguish themselves.”  To me it’s fun, fresh and exciting, which is exactly what a car should be. 

The 500byGucci is available in the UK from this summer and you can find out more by registering at

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