Mum on the Run – A dress for a sunny day

I’m using a little artistic licence today.  I actually wore this dress earlier in the week but to reveal what I am wearing today would be not only a crime against fashion but also one against humanity. I can describe it though – striped top, PJ shorts and Mini Boden sheepskin boots – totally stunning (not!) 

The style of this Oasis dress is good for any pear shaped ladies.  The neckline serves to broaden the shoulders whilst the movement in the skirt disguises heavier hips/legs – bringing your shape back into proportion.  I am also wearing Cath Kidston flip flops.

I am nursing what can only be described as an unusually strong adverse reaction to alcohol today, which is most unlike me.  I was unable to stand up for much of the day but having conquered that inability was so worn out by the effort that I had to lie down again.  Probably not the most productive use of a sunny day (especially given how much I complain when it is cold) but it really wasn’t my fault. I’m not sure whose it was, or how it happened but there we go.

Cath Kidston Ltd.


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