Mum on the Run – Birthday suit!

Fortunately, that’s not all that I am wearing but it is my birthday today and I share it with none other than Jennifer Lopez and Wonderwoman.  How fab is that?   For once the sun shone,  which is a rarity despite the fact that I have a July birthday.  We all had a great day, with a highlight being a trip to Selfridges to buy birthday cakes.  They were fab but we universally agreed that the chocolate biscuit cake made by my husband and our daughter was still the best.  Even better – I get to choose what we watch on TV tonight.  My husband just can’t wait to start Eat, Pray Love….NOT! I’m letting him watch Top Gear first though – just so that he can brace himself.

I always tend to play it safe clothes wise at Christmas and birthdays as I don’t want to worry about what I am wearing. Having said that, my new Ted Baker top made an outing but with tried and tested (with plenty of room for eating) straight jeans and ballet pumps.  My grey Mulberry is also a year old today so that had to come out too!

When we got home it was really hot so I changed into a white sun dress and flip flops then sat and read the paper before friends came round and we all had fizz (and more cake!)  Bliss!


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