Mum on the Run – Tracy Anderson here I come!

Today I found my perfect outfit and it is priceless – literally priceless as it has virtually no value whatsoever.  In fact it really should belong in a charity shop but there’s no way that I am parting with it now…but more about that one later.

I was slightly caught out by the heat today, hence the maxi dress which covered up a multitude of sins – the details of which I won’t go in to.  It’s a silky jersey maxi dress from French Connection – virtually see through which is why it has long vest layered underneath.  I put it with flat sandals which were great for the school run.

Now, back to the pefect outfit.  As I was walking along the landing, I bumped into our eldest daughter who was coming out of the bathroom.  She looked at me and said “Oh, you look really young.”  Oh the joy in that comment – and what I was wearing?  The oldest pale blue terry towelling shorts you could imagine, courtesy of the white company and the coral vest from New Look that I am wearing in the above photo.  Why was I wearing this outfit?  Because I was about to embark on my new Tracy Anderson DVD – but there goes another story.


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