Mum on the Run – Liz Hurley eat your heart out!

When I wear white jeans I always feel that I am doing a bit of a “Liz” (Hurley) – she who wears white jeans come rain or shine, winter or summer, whether they are the height of fashion or not.  They are part of her uniform, together with huge sunglasses and her son who has the most incredible haircut I have ever seen.  Anyway, for some reason it amuses me (the constant wearing of white jeans – and the haircut if I am honest – not that I like to criticise another mother) but there we go – lots of little things do. 

Anyway, this was the second outfit of the day as the first had been abandoned for something more comfortable, after the meeting I went to this morning.  It’s very straightforward really, white jeans (GAP) and pale pink long sleeved top plus pale pink short sleeve cotton jumper over the top (both H&M) with a long pendant.  I was happy and comfortable enough.


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