Mum on the Run- holiday day 5

It has been such a funny day, I don’t even know where to start.  We have just come back from having a BBQ on the beach.  The BBQs didn’t quite get up to the heat that they should have done – great if you like bacon, stuffed peppers and halloumi (me) not so great for those of the steak persuasion.  So, we have returned to our friend’s apartment for steak, dodging our apartment on the way, just in case the children should spot us.

We were listening to Island FM this morning. If ever you are in need of a lift, that is the radio station to listen to.  They have this slot where they talk about missing animals. Apparently a three and a half foot lizard has escaped from somewhere in Guernsey and a cat is missing too.  So funny.  There is a local arsonist on the island at the moment who keeps setting fire to cars.  The police have advised people that they really should keep their car doors looked at all times.  Lock their cars at all times – not sure that the police in England really need to spell that one out to people.

Still on the leaving unlocked car note, our eldest was apparently sitting in the boot of someone else’s car today for about five minutes before realising that ours was the car next door.  How she failed to notice the double buggy and 2 car seats in the car is beyond me but there you go.  The youngest’s latest habit (in addition to farting, swearing and making her knickers look like  a g-string) is to blow down her nose as hard as she can then find a tissue, stick it to her face with the contents of her nose and walk around.  She thinks it’s funny.  

So, as to the outfit.  I am sporting my new sunglasses which I bought from the local stores.  Oh what a shop – there is all manner of rubbish in there that you wouldn’t even know you needed.  My husband and I both bought sunglasses, he bought a cap and we got pressies for the children, all for about £18.

I have gone for the triple stripes look today – 2 tops and a scarf.  Well, I said that there were lots of stripes in my wardrobe this week.  Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow so maybe something other than stripes will make an appearance – or maybe it will be the wetsuit after the 7am swim which is planned!

Outfit – Trousers Kew, Tops H&M and French Connection, Scarf Zara, Converse Jones.


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