Mum on the Run – at the school fete

The morning started with our three year old being taught how to use a Nerf gun by her brother (including re-loading it) and taking great delight in shooting me with about 20 foam bullets.  Her skills know no bounds.  She is also in the process of conning the tooth fairy by putting her older sister’s teeth under her pillow.  I think that she must have been watching the Apprentice on the quiet. 

For those of you who saw my twitter message this morning, you will know that today was the day of the school fete and that my significant contribution was to serve on the Chinese food stall.  As I felt a little under attack (what with that, being in charge of our own children plus their cousins – and because rain was forecast) I was planning on wearing combats – which I thought seemed appropriate.  However my plans changed and I decided to go for the green jeans, stripey top and Cos swing cardi.  Fortunately I also took a denim shirt with me, which I put on when the temperature dropped below 10 degrees. 

Amazingly all went well at the school fete – our youngest wasn’t thrown from Suzie the donkey, the kids didn’t trash the inside of the fire engine, I probably haven’t guessed correctly the weight of the chocolate cake (but then I am not sure that I want it anyway given that half the school has handled – and probably sneezed over – it.)  We are now settling down to the mean cocktails which my South American sister in law has made.  Bliss!

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