Mum on the Run – another couple of days on holiday!

This is yesterday’s outfit, which I didn’t get around to posting until today because last night we were all at my Dad’s eating, you guessed it….crab!  The children had been up there preparing them for us.  Apparently all had gone well until our son had taken to wielding the knife and hammer in a rather unruly fashion.  I am sure that if we were in England social services would have been informed by now but all sorts of odd things go on down here that wouldn’t go on at home.  Driving on the pavement is a given.  Child seats aren’t required (not that we went without).  There’s no health and safety or employment legislation and the drink driving laws are a bit lax – but wee up the harbour wall and you had better watch out.  The Magistrate will have your guts for garters.

As to the outfit – this is a bit of a nod towards vintage – lace top, cashmere cardi, Cath Kidston pumps and rolled up jeans. It was all good for walking along the beach, rock pooling and having fun with the children.

Today’s outfit required some planning because there was a very distinct danger that I was going to be up past my knees in rock pools – and shorts and I really don’t get on. So I decided that I would wear a dress over linen trousers on the basis that I could remove the trousers and hitch my dress up.  Half an hour of my dress hitched up is far preferable to me (and the rest of the world) than me wearing shorts for a day.

It all got a bit chilly when I went paddling and the trousers got wet but I just rolled them up and lived with the damp.

Our final day was great – a morning on the beach, crab sarnies for lunch, a swim in the pool and then sushi for dinner.  Time to pack and return to reality – until this time next year….

I am pleased to report that the capsule (in the loosest sense of the word) wardrobe worked really well.  At no point did I feel that I had run out of clothes or that I didn’t have the right thing for the right occasion.  This may largely have been due to the fact that we spent a lot of time on the beach rock pooling, in cafes or in the sea (in which case I was in a wetsuit) but it worked well and the thing that makes me happiest of all – I have had a chance to get lots of washing done and we are going home with a suitcase full of clean clothing.  I think that I need to get out more!

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