(An aching) Mum on the Run – Jigsaw skirt and a leather jacket

As our youngest was having her bath tonight, she reminded me of the incident with her friend Henry – who took it upon himself to see if she could fly like a bat.  Having catapulted her from a toy at playgroup, and instructing her to flap her arms, they both realised that she could not, in fact, fly like a bat.  She informed me that had he requested her to fly like a fairy she would have succeeded – it was the bat bit that was at fault, not the fact that she couldn’t fly per se.  So that was today’s thought for the day.

Now, turning to the outfit – having been caught out yesterday with the heat, I duly did what needed to be done on the beauty front and wore a skirt.  Only for it to rain.  Nevermind – it was lined so I was warm enough and the leather jacket just put the skirt just on the right side of twee.

Now to Tracy Anderson.  She claims to gently wake up our accessory muscles.  Mine feel more like they have been ripped from their slumber and forced to march a thousand miles.  So at the moment I am finding it hard to move.  I may be writing from my bed tomorrow.

Skirt Jigsaw, Sequin top Topshop, Jacket Oasis, Bag Mulberry, Shoes Zara


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