Mum on the Run – A Whistles Dress

In an ideal world, on a day like today, I would have been wearing something along the line of this dress from Whistles – or it could have been Reiss, or Marc Jacobs or Milly but you get the idea – it would have been pretty, floaty, carefree and ever so slightly impractical – because of course I would live in a world where impractical was OK.  No-one was going to chuck or wipe anything down me and I wasn’t going to reveal any underwear when bending down to get a rigid three year old in to her car seat.

Except that it is an imperfect world and my less than perfect outfit (part of which I had ironed, I hasten to add) got soaked just before I was going to get my photo taken for this post and so yet again I resorted to the fluffy dressing gown, which I was modelling when the postman came the other day.  The soaking occurred as a result of a new piece of barbeque equipement/sparks/dry decking/the hurrid need for a watering can full of water.  Well, you can picture the rest. However in the manner of looking at life through a positive lens, once I have blown the ash off it will be fine – and I can wear it again without washing (or ironing) it.  Fab!

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