Mum on the Run – Tips for organising your wardrobe

Today not only was I a Mum on the Run but I was also a Mum on a Bike. Our son and I set off at 8.30am for our bike ride, returning later not only happy but also covered in mud.  Well, I suppose if I will go bike riding along canal tow paths after torrential rain the night before, what can I expect?  So that put paid to today’s outfit – and I had only just got that particular pair of jeans comfortable again having washed them recently.  It’s taking a bit longer to get them to that stage too at the moment – not sure why but just after Easter my jeans take on a life of their own and seem to shrink a bit. Well I assume that’s what must happen as I can’t think of any other reasonable explanation.

Anyway, so to the point of today’s post.  Over the years I have arranged my wardrobe in varying ways.  I have grouped similar clothes together-all trousers, all skirts, all jumpers etc.  I have also done it by colour – from light to dark and then dark to light. Finally I think that I have cracked it! 

In addition to my wardrobe, I now have a separate hanging rail on which I hang all items which are printed, have colour in them, are new, are this season’s “shape” or which I think I ought to wear more.  Each morning I go to that rail first and select the item around which I want to build my outfit.  This leaves the plainer pieces in the wardrobe because I figure I’m never going to forget to get my jeans out, or pick a plain navy cardi to keep out the chill. 

We are all creatures of habit and have a sort of “default” setting when it comes to clothes and this is a good way to challenge it.  Have a go and see what you think – and if at the moment you don’t feel that you have anything that you would put into a bright/printed/ etc category don’t despair.  When you are next out shopping, assuming that you have the rest of the basics in place, try looking for something which would jump out at you in the mornings and say “its my turn today, pick me!”


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