Mum on the Run – a throw back to the 80’s!

Oh what a lovely day – I was shopping in preparation for the event that I am doing at Belbroughton on 26th May but I was also just having a general browse and picking up odd bits for clients.  There are some lovely pieces out there and I could have easily bought five really pretty going out dresses, which unfortunately wouldn’t serve me that well on a daily basis – so 4 of them remained in the shops.  The 5th will no doubt make an appearance here soon! 

Because I was in out and about I needed to be a little bit smart(ish) but not too smart and it was important that I was comfortable for walking around the shops.  So, on went the navy M&S peg trousers, sequin T from Topshop, Gap denim shirt, Zara navy sandals and bright blue Topshop belt. I think that this denim shirt looks like a bit of a throw back to the 80’s, but I kind of like that.  I saw a woman today with a haircut that would have matched beautifully but I think that might be a step too far!

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