Mum on the Run- Summer Dresses

Today was an odd day.  The BBC were in the house filiming for the “Doctors” series and so there was a murder in our kitchen – they always seem to film odd story lines in our house – affairs, STD’s, murders – you name it, we’ve had it.

The fact that they were filming meant that we couldn’t get back in until 6.30pm which would have been fine, other than the fact that my husband was knocked off his bike first thing this morning.  He was OK, a bit battered about, but it turned into a bit of a long and stressful day and at the end of it, I didn’t feel like smiling for a photo.  So, instead here are some of the pretty dresses that I spotted whilst in the shops yesterday. 

The top one is from Ted Baker and is just really simple but pretty and great for those who are straight up and down and who don’t have much of a bust.  The second dress is from Reiss – very Marilyn Monroe, in a lovely colour and it also comes in a bright green too – great for curvy figures.  The third dress is also from Reiss and must be their take on a Victoria Beckham dress.  The length is good and the colour is very this season.  The flared skirt is great for those pear shaped ladies who need a bit of assistance in disguising their hips.  So all in all, the shops aren’t doing too badly for us ladies at the moment when it comes to occasion dresses.  Have a lovely weekend.

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